Services Provided

Market Analysis
We research your property and the surrounding neighborhood to determine the best rental value range based on comparable prices.
We meet with you and view the property. We discuss any work that needs to be done before placing the property on the rental market.
We offer our opinion of the market rental rate for your property.
We review the management contract with you and answer any questions you may have about the process.

We take quality photos for marketing purposes and enter your property into our inventory system.
We publish your property for lease on sites such as Zillow, Trulia, MLS and Craigslist as well as our own rental listing page.
We show your property and screen potential tenants. We do a full background check including criminal, credit, employment and rental history verification.
We meet with the approved applicant to review and sign the lease.

Ongoing Management
We collect rent from the tenant. We provide collection methods such as monthly auto drafts and online payments.
We distribute your monthly proceeds.
We coordinate and supervise all maintenance on the property.
We enforce the lease and handle all communications with the tenant.
We provide you with easy to understand, detailed monthly statements making tax season a breeze!